Festival du Boogie-Woogie (Laroquebrou)

Vector illustration of a pianist used at Originals Hotels

Every summer since 1998, the little Cantal village of Laroquebrou has hosted the world’s biggest boogie-woogie festival! 

Every August, this small, quiet town (around 20 kilometres from Aurillac) with pretty half-timbered houses turns into New Orleans when musicians and festivalgoers from around the world fill its lanes, squares and bars for four days and four nights of non-stop partying! 

With its 13th-century fortified château and charming craft shops, Laroquebrou is a unique setting for music lovers and costumed dancers who enjoy the quality of the line-up, year after year, as well as the warm and friendly atmosphere of this particularly joyous festival. 

In addition to pay-to-attend concerts in the local gymnasium, many free events are also held in different parts of the city, especially in its bars, which rent out pianos for the occasion. 

On Sunday, the village church hosts a wonderful gospel concert and the festivities conclude with a big swing ball for several hundred people. 

Whether you’re a fan or just curious, make the most of your stay at The Originals Boutique, Grand Hôtel Saint-Pierre Aurillac to attend the inimitable Laroquebrou boogie-woogie festival!

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